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Myaluisa (Mya) Dobson

Myaluisa (Mya) Dobson

Managing Director

Passion and a strong work ethic have defined Mya Dobson's extraordinary journey in the insurance and financial services industry. She became a financial professional in 2011, because she wanted to help others protect their income and build wealth with life insurance and other financial products. “I’m proud to have helped so many hardworking individuals and families prepare for the cost of college, retirement, and other life events, reflected Mya.”

She attracted and guided enough clients, during her first three years in the industry, to earn several company and industry accolades as well as a promotion to recruiter. She hired and developed a diverse group of financial professionals that served the African American, Hispanic, Asian, Women's, and LGBT communities. And she grew her team of financial professionals to 24, between 2014 and 2017. It was an impressive accomplishment for a new manager in an industry with a high turnover rate. Mya’s achievement was recognized with many prestigious management awards.

Because she had proven herself to be a principled leader and performance coach, Mya’s managing partner selected her to open, build, and lead a new sales office in Century City, CA. It was an opportunity most recruiters only dreamed of. Relentless in her drive for record-breaking success, Mya excelled and earned a second promotion, to senior partner, in 2018.

Redefining oneself

Mya taught biology and chemistry, and served as a high school assistant principal before changing careers. Her love of teaching and learning has played a crucial role in her success in the financial services industry. "Any amount of time in this industry shines a giant spotlight on your greatest strengths and weaknesses," explained Mya, who said she transformed from a professional to an elite professional by the time she was promoted to recruiter. “Financial professionals who are destined for great things take note of every opportunity for growth, and redefine themselves accordingly. You won't succeed in this business unless you are willing and able to get better along the way."

Mya shares this sentiment with every candidate for hire. "There are plenty of professionals looking for greater financial rewards, or a sense of purpose in their career," she stated. "I let prospective candidates know that the insurance and financial services industry offers both, but they must work hard to earn that luxury. There is no immediate gratification."

Acknowledging that financial professionals thrive when they are willing to change the perceptions, attitudes and beliefs that limit their growth, Mya said she digs deep to help change her recruits from the inside out, while molding them into leaders. "Rising to the top in this industry will inevitably bring about integrity, professionalism, and everything you want to see in an upstanding citizen."

Trumping logic

Mya believes passion is as fundamentally important as grit. She maintains that financial professionals must know what drives them, whether it's their family's wellbeing or their desire to leave a financial footprint in the community. "This business is daunting,'' she explained. "But knowing your career purpose lessens the grind. When we are honest about what excites us in life and at work, passion trumps logic any day of the week."

Building legacies

Mya believes there are no limits to what anyone can achieve with guidance, the right strategy, and discipline. Today she is a managing director and member of the leadership team at LEGACI Tomorrow Insurance & Financial Services. Mya opened an office in Beverly Hills for the Sacramento-based agency, which is an associate member of the Guardian Network®.

“LEGACI will transform the insurance and financial services industry, one conversation at a time,” said Mya, who recruits financial representatives and advises clients in her new role. “At LEGACI, we are coaching and developing our financial representatives to build a successful, sustainable financial practice that they can pass down someday. Similarly, we are guiding our clients to create multigenerational financial legacies.”

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS). Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. CA Insurance License #0E19409.