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BG Santos

BG Santos

October 2023

BG Santos recently stepped down from a national director position and a successful, eight-year career in the telecommunications industry. “Family and impact were my motivation,” he explained. “I wanted less work-related travel, so I can spend more time with my family. And I wanted a career that allows me to make a meaningful difference in my community, while building a financial legacy for my wife Jeannelle, our five children, and me.”

BG was also likely influenced by the humble beginnings he and his family faced when they immigrated to Long Beach from the Philippines in 1983. His father Benjamin served in Korea and Vietnam with the U.S. Navy, which awarded him the Purple Heart. BG’s mother Teresita was a nurse and homemaker who cared for him and his three siblings.

“My parents worked hard to provide for us,” said BG, who sold sodas and cut his friends’ hair for $2, while in high school. “I didn’t want to ask my parents for money.”

Deeply affected by the poverty he’s experienced and witnessed, BG joined LEGACI Tomorrow Insurance & Financial Services as a financial representative in September 2023. In his new role BG helps clients protect their income, build wealth, and create financial legacies using life insurance and other financial products.

“Seeing friends and family members struggle to make ends meet, or simply give their loved ones a proper burial is heartbreaking,” he said. “Now I sleep well at night knowing that I am educating my community and giving it access to insurance and financial solutions designed to help prepare for homeownership, college funding, retirement, and other life events.”

BG attracted and guided enough new clients to earn LEGACI Tomorrow Insurance & Financial Services’ October 2023 Financial Representative of the Month distinction. “Helping families and business owners ensure their financial needs will be met fulfills me,” BG said humbly. “I have a bright future at LEGACI Tomorrow Insurance & Financial Services. This will be the career and company I retire from.”

If you're committed to building a brighter financial future for yourself and the people you love, contact BG to get started.

Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. CA Insurance License #4303100.